Transportation is provided to and from various elementary schools during the school year and for field trip activities throughout the year. Until all children have been accounted for, our vans will not leave to return to the center. Therefore, if your child will not be riding the van please notify the director.

The Apple Tree Children’s Centers are not responsible for accidents or other problems that occur if your child uses other forms of transportation to and from our centers including the public school buses.

Only preschool age children are allowed to participate in a field trip activity. Insurance is provided for all center vehicles used to transport children. If a child is participating in field trips from the center, a Field Trip Release Form signed by the parent is required. These forms are at the center.

The Apple Tree Children’s Centers will use child passenger restraint systems for all children under the age of five. You may be asked to provide a car seat in the event of a field trip. Each vehicle will only carry the number of children allowed by vehicle passenger capacity.

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